13 January 2013

10 random facts about me

Since I've been taking part in the #lbloggers chats and thanks to Emily, I've noticed that I have gained a lot more followers over the last week or so.  So welcome and thanks for reading :)

I did a similar post when I first started blogging but I thought this would be a good way for those of you who are new to get to know me, so here goes...

  1. One of my best friends punched my two front teeth out when we were five.  We were in the playground at school and she was apparently trying to punch one of the boys (I have no idea why!)  Foolishly I walked between them and she punched me instead.  Oh, and my teeth weren't even wobbly!  Some 23 years later we're still friends though - I'm a very forgiving person!
  2. I hate masks.  I don't like not being able to see a person's face so Halloween isn't a particularly enjoyable time of year for me!  Especially since all my colleagues are fully aware of my fear so do their utmost to scare me!  This does also cause a slightly strange reaction from me when the football club mascot is within close proximity.... 
  3. I learnt the violin for eleven years and passed Grade 7.  I stopped having lessons when I finished 6th Form (my teacher moved back to Ireland) and I really regret not continuing afterwards.  I still have my violin though - I should really play it!
  4. I've never broken any bones but I've sprained both of my ankles (at different times!) - my right one when I was five and my left one when I was twelve.
  5. I'm definitely a dog person as opposed to a cat person, despite being bitten by a dog when I was younger.  I'm wary of cats - probably as one jumped on my head when I was little and dug its claws in! (I had followed it into the greenhouse but in my defence I was only trying to stroke it!)
  6. I'm really competitive.  It's my dad's fault - he is so both me and my brother are too.  Unfortunately so is Danny - it doesn't make for good times at Christmas in our house when the games come out!
  7. I hadn't seen Dirty Dancing until I was 19.  And when I did see it I was underwhelmed (sorry!)
  8. Unless I'm on holiday, I won't wear my hair down unless I've straightened it first.  I have really wavy, unruly hair so it just looks ridiculous rather than all bohemian like I'd like.
  9. I once had tonsillitis so badly that I got blood poisoning.  I had tonsillitis a lot when I was younger so my tonsils are so damaged now that I often can't feel if I get tonsillitis.  Apparently I had it, didn't realise and the infection got into my bloodstream - I only realised when I got a rash on my knees and elbows!
  10. People think I'm outgoing and confident but I get really nervous meeting new people.  I have to do networking for work and it makes me really uncomfortable!
I'd love for you to share something about you in the comments!


  1. I was totally unimpressed by Dirty Dancing. I had never seen it either, until I was in Uni, so probably 21ish.

  2. I don't get Dirty Dancing either. Utterly unimpressed!


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