28 May 2013

Summer lovin'

This weekend was a perfect little taster of how summer will be might be if we get one this year.  We spent the majority of the weekend sorting out our garden - the lawn was in a mess when we moved in and we've only just got around to taking it up and re-turfing it.  I seriously underestimated how much hard work it would be but I'm really happy now it's done and I have an overwhelming sense of pride knowing that we did it ourselves!

We did manage to spend yesterday afternoon and evening at Danny's parents' having a barbecue and Tyler cuddles.  I can't believe Tyler's nearly four months old already - it seems like only the other day that he was born!  I can't wait to have more barbecues over the summer - nothing beats chilling out in the garden on a warm summer's evening with a glass of wine and good company :)


  1. Tyler is so cute! Love the gif! x

  2. Garden looks lovely, I'm so jealous you have an outdoor space you can use.

  3. I love your springer! I have 2 - crazy but adorable!


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