11 February 2012

Project 365: #147 Man v Food

These are no ordinary chicken wings. They're Las Iguanas' "vivo" chicken wings, cooked in a habañero sauce. Danny is a big lover of spicy food (I am not!) so when he saw these on the menu he just had to try them. I opted for much more sedate nachos - I have no desire to cry my way through dinner! I did, after persuasion from Danny, dip my finger in the sauce and try the tiniest bit. Can I just say, even a tiny bit (about the size of this → O) was more than enough and I had to have a drink! By the end, even Danny had streaming eyes and the sniffles, but he said he liked them and he'd have them again (crazy fool!) It reminded me of a Man v Food challenge, if any of you have seen that - not the usual way to spend date night!


  1. Ah I keep seeing Man V Food on the TV guide - now I may have to try and watch it. I over judged some spicy rice by going for medium because I thought it can't be *that* bad. How wrong was i?!

  2. My man loves man vs food haha! These look very tasty but would definitely be too spicy for me! X

  3. Ah I love Las Iguanas! I'v had the chicken wings there before but I don't think they were in any sort of spicy sauce - my taste buds wouldn't have been able to handle it!


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