11 December 2011

Project 365: #129 Bath Christmas Market

I made a promise to myself that when I finished all my exams, I'd take a trip to Bath to visit the Christmas Market.  I'd heard lots of good things about it and since this is the first time I've been able to enjoy the build up to Christmas for four years, I thought I'd try and get into the festive spirit nice and early!  Well, it was absolutely rammed!  A little frustrating at first since it meant it was very difficult to get to the stalls to see what goodies they were selling, but I think we happened to arrive at peak time.  It quietened down a bit later  so we were able to wander around looking at the handmade treats that were being sold.  I got a cute pair of sterling silver Christmas tree earrings (which are subtle enough that I can probably get away with wearing them throughout the year - you wouldn't notice they're trees when it's not Christmas!) and an amazing reindeer wreath for the front door.  Driving was a bit of a pain, since it meant that I couldn't enjoy the mulled wine or cider, but the smell of it wafting over the market made for a truly festive atmosphere - I definitely feel Christmassy now!


  1. ooohhhhh I love the christmas market!!!
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  2. I need to take a trip there!! Seems lovely..

    found the route

  3. Awww love Bath - used to go so often when I was little. Love your blog by the way, am following :)

    Merry Christmas xxx


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